Lil Chompy

Lil Chompy  Khompskpsk

Pygmy Folk (he owns the phrase) Astronaut.
3rd Level
Advanced background

STR: 10
DEX: 15
CON: 10
INT: 13
PSY: 11
CHA: 12

Hp: 18
Cr: 7,800 (all hoarded no extra gear)

Skills: Scavanger, cook, brawler, mechanic, comp tech, electrician, spacer, astronomer, author

Class Skills: Navigator (+2), engineer, energy pistol, gunner, space swordsman, pilot, psy luck, empathy

Psy Powers: Inter-planar barrier, mind bar

Khompskpsk is the closest transliteration for the formal name of the Niniyal nicknamed “Lil' Chompy” by fans of its series of trashy vid-novellas. Growing up a sheltered and privileged hermaphrodite of a 31st Credit Rank Trade Collective (Vermillion sub-shade) on Alpharetz, he left the comfy confines of the clan burrow in early adulthood after failing spectacularly in the clan business of administering nanosecond financial transactions on the trans-dimensional derivatives market.

Lil' Chompy has showed extraordinary verve and romanticism for one of its species swinging from career path of derring-do to another (or so his tall tales claim)—fighting moisture bandits on Planet X and rustling Gacháya on the Shen outer rim—before settling on the ultimate adventure: the Humanspace Imperial Navy.

Some claim that his series of Serganent Rokk Clone vid-novellas such as I Serve the Autocrator and It Came From Marb IV are derivative and stolen straight from the pages of real life characters he knows, but Lil' Chompy keeps his beak tight on such matters.