K. Málakal

Name: Krútai Málakal
Rank/Position: Executive Officer
Class: Astronaut
Level: 3
Species/Homeworld: Human male from Tau Ceti
Age: 26

STR: 9
DEX: 16
CON: 8
INT: 12
PSY: 11
CHA: 7


Armor:Skin suit with Shield Belt Mk II
Space sword
X-Ray pistol 2d6
Z-Ray pistol

Background skills:
Air Pilot

Astronaut Skills:
Space swordsman
Energy Pistol
Pilot +3

PSY Powers:
PSY Luck
Control of Self
Mind Bar

Credits: 2610 CR
Scan goggles
10 air tablets
Magnetic clamps
Utility belt
Contra-Grav belt
Perimetric orbs
Concubine (level I)


Múruset Málakal was a brilliant administrator on the Tau Ceti system governor's staff, as well being a member of the governor’s prestigious Dhuón Tuptláng Ket. Tlayesha Vriddu was an up-and-coming Imperial Naval officer from one of the great Houses of the empire, the Vriddu. Her career was meteoric, pushed by her whip-smart tactical mind and intense ambition. Múruset was her first husband, the perfect storm of an important political marriage and a love match. They met when Tlayesha was posted to Tau Ceti during a miner’s revolt. Their relationship was instantaneous and passionate. By the time they were married four months later, she was pregnant. Soon, her fleet was reposted to another system.

When she was five months pregnant with Krútai, as the executive officer of the frigate The Serqu, she led the marine attack on a Hlutrgu corvette. They captured the ship and used it as a decoy to capture several other ships. Her ploy turned the tide in a key part of the Hlutrgu incursions. She then returned to Tau Ceti to be with her husband and deliver her son.

Her career took her all over the empire and beyond, while Múruset raised the boy. She returned as often as duty allowed. Her successes meant promotions to bigger ships. She also married another husband, her chief medical officer, who moved with her from assignment to assignment.

Seven years ago, when Krútai was just starting in the Academy, his mother got her commission as Captain of the dreadnought Red Devastation in one of the empire’s elite fleets. She was always in the lead, always taking the fight to the enemy, always first to shoot, first to board. Four years ago in a Mihalli raid, her ship was destroyed by a completely unknown weapon that obliterated half the fleet in an instant, turning the ships and the crew members inside out. Imperial investigators believe that the ship this terrible weapon was deployed on was also destroyed at the same time -- a suicide ship. His father became the governor’s chief of staff a year later.

From the moment he was born, Krútai moved. His Ket-aunts said he never crawled nor walked, but went straight to running. At the age of five, he stole the keycodes to a mining inspection vehicle, and by ten he was learning to fly small inter-asteroid flitters. His father kept trying to get him interested in business or administration, but Krútai wanted to fly a starship. He got good marks in school, and his father finally acquiesced and let him sign up for the Imperial Naval Academy.

When his mother died, Krútai’s resolve stiffened and he finished the Academy with honors. With the solid political backing of his father, and the fiery passion and brilliance of his mother, he did extremely well in his assignments, rising through the ranks deftly with impeccable skills and subtle politics. One outcome of this tragedy was that Krutai became hardened and cruel, which distanced him from his crew. They respect and fear him, but few are his friends. His posting to The Deeds of Glory is his first as executive officer.