Monday, July 11, 2011

Turn 16: Resolutions

On the planet:
As the crawler picks up speed on the ice, Harv approaches the crawler hatch, activates his scan goggles and releases a sensor orb behind the three war-bots.  Through the gloom and ice spray he sees the robots engage the horrid fleshy tentacle alien monster.
The first robot, a Mk 1, is blindsided by the creature.  A tentacle lashes across the form of the warbbot and cleanly rips its head from its torso.  The robot collapses in a shower of blue sparks.
Payákár, in the open turret atop the crawler also witnesses the scene. The Pachi Lei  opens his mind to the web of possibilities that lies between the dimensions and allows the cosmos to guide his hands as he prepares to fire on the alien with z-ray rifle and laser pistol…
The x-ray fired by the second robot appears to strike the creature but passes through what appears to be its semi-corporeal form.  The Mk 2, armed with its massive disintegrator rifle fares better.  The black ray engulfs a portion of the creature obliterating its head and several of its tentacles.  The remaining tentacles curl furiously on the ice for a moment and then lie still.
Within the crawler Dr. Mors, now in possession of his faculties, struggles in the grip of a robot.
"Release me, you hulking Metal Monster!"
Harv confirms, through his remote connection to the Eye-Spy that no living alien remains on the ice.

On the ship:
Sunpletl and Vlelezh move to maintain aline between the slow moving shielded Mihaili and the lift in the shuttle bay.
Malakal holsters his X-ray pistol, draws his space sword,  cuts the outside of his left arm and allows Hale to treat the wound in hope that the inscrutable alien will understand that medical assistance is available.   Blurred behind a wall of force, the countenance of the alien is not visible but its movement ceases and it appears to be watching.
Falyai sees a series of glowing red holographic glyphs appear before her eyes.  She and Malakal hear  the voice of Deeds issue from their translators.
 “I have completed analysis of the alien linguistic patterns and very rudimentary communications with it should now be possible through your translation devices. “


  1. "Sir, I do have some small experience with Alien Contact: would you like to attempt to communicate with this creature?"

  2. Absolutely. Carry on, Lieutenant. We need to know what this creature knows of the enemy on the surface and what happened to our base and people as soon as we can earn it's trust. [Malakal continues his actions with Hale and returns to his former position].

  3. Lalei shuts down her psi-sword and clips it back on her belt and closes down her body shield. "Deeds, stop the crawler," she said. "Warbots, release those crewmen. Doctor, before you recover your dignity, please look at after the Commander. I think I released my attack before I caused any permanent damage, but you're are the expert in such things. Sub-commander, are you all right?"

    Lalei, bit her lip. This should not have happened, she thought. If this there are anymore of these things--and it a safe wager that there are and worse--we need better psionic protection than this.

    "Deeds, open a channel to Commander Malakal."

  4. Falyai edges out slightly into the open with her hands open and slightly away from her body, "Can we help? Can we heal you? Do you understand?"

  5. Falyai then waits for Deeds' translation -- if she must attempt to pronounce it herself, she will do so. If she gets any kind of assent or acknowledgement from the creature, she'll attempt to move beyond the questions she's posed to things along the line of "what happened to you?" and etc.

  6. Mors moves over and examines the commander. If necessary, he uses his y-ray power to heal any damage sustained.

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