Thursday, June 2, 2011

Turn 9/Expositions

Deeds relayed the data on the intruder to the shuttle immediately.

Sunpletl, Vlelezh, Pchorvu, Hale (tha android), Gishku and three General Utility robots are available for the security details. Una, Kureshcutl, and three more robots are in engineering. Weapons lockers are located off the bridge and on the Sickbay Deck.

Falyai and anyone with alien contact skill would be aware of the readily available information on the Mihálli.

I'm working on more detailed deck plans for the ship...I can tell you that the decks are connected by a semi-central lift shaft, most decks have a circular corridor with exterior and interior compartments, a few corridors branch off to airlocks where vertical hatches are also present...rough drafts should be ready tomorrow, so Turn 10 will be delayed 24 hours or so.

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  1. [Task 1: Falyai relays as much information about the Mihálli as she can in a concise form; I suspect at this point that we're all on the same page wrt these creatures.

    Task 2: Short trip to the weapon's locker to get armament that's one step up from her holdout pistol.]