Thursday, June 30, 2011

Turn 15: Alien Minds

On the Deeds of Glory:
Behind its wall of psionic energy, the form of the alien is blurred but it and the wall may be seen moving, very slowly, toward the empty area of the bay where the shuttle had rested.
Málakal opens his mind to the psychic energies of the intruder and is briefly overwhelmed by a rush of images, patterns and colors of which he can make little sense.  He is left with a feeling that this creature is very alien and with emotions, thoughts, and motivations that are incomprehensible to the human mind. There is a sensation that the Mihaili could be dangerous.
Málakal and Falyai hear the tinny voice of Deeds through their communicators.
“I have been pre-occupied with remote operation of the warbots on the planet’s surface as the away team has come under attack from powerful alien telepaths.  I have managed to complete a detailed linguistic analysis on the speech patterns of the intruder. I calculate a 95% probability that it spoke a very ancient version of the Mihaili language.  I am now processing the available data to enable translation.  Fragments of his initial speech may indicate that the intruder was combating the telepathic aliens on the planet and escaped by teleporting aboard this ship.”

On the Crawler:
Lalei releases Commander Nek from the effects of the PSY-Kill.  He appears to be alive and barely conscious and is immediately restrained by the Mk 2 war-bot. Ekkub remains trapped within the sticky tangle and a second war-bot moves into position to further restrain him if necessary. 
Dr. Mors looks shaken and confused and stares at the laser pistol in his hand as a third war-bot snaps a claw around his wrist, he drps the raygun.
One of the three remaining war-bots retrieves Nek’s disintegrator rifle and the metallic trio quickly clanks to the crawler’s hatch.  As the hatch opens several fleshy pink tentacles burst through the opening. 
The three robots fire their rifles.  The first, armed with a z-ray rifle fires wildly through the hatch, clearly missing the monster.  The z-ray fired by the second robot appears to strike a tentacle but the ray seems to pass through it causing no damage.  The third robot fires the disintegrator rifle and the black beam engulfs the tentacles.  There is a horrible alien howl and the tentacles glow blue black and vanish.
The crawler is already beginning to move as the three war-bots file though the hatch…

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  1. Harv activates his scan goggles and launches a sensor orb out the hatch to investigate the aliens. He will prepare to use his heat ray power if the aliens penetrate the crawler cabin.

  2. "Warbots!" Lalei ordered. "Concentrate disintegrator fire on the remaining entity!" She slaps the button on her shield belt and her lithe form begins to shimmer as if she was being seen through a heat haze. Lalei then focuses her mental energies upon her Psi-Sword and a blazing white "blade" of concentrated psionic force springs from the hilt.

    "Everyone else, stay clear of that hatch!" She stands ready, her blade ready to strike if the warbots fail.

  3. Payákár hurriedly checks suit is sealed and, over the clangs, blasts and shouting in the cabin below, draws deep on that energy, that will to act and succeed that has served so well in the past.

    The Páchi Léi reaches down to close the airlock between turret and cabin, then kneels on the seat in the tight turret to pull the lever on the top hatch. Air rushes out and Payákár stands, rising above the lip to look out at the icescape, Z-ray rifle and laser pistol in hands, charged and ready.

    [Payákár attempts PSY Luck. If there's a target ready, it will be fired at with both weapons for as many game rounds as are available. If not, Payákár will climb out of the hatch, and move low over the hull - using the fourth hand to keep balance and grip - in the direction of the hatch the creature is attacking through, shooting from as safe a distance as possible.]

  4. Mors shakes his head to clear his thoughts, his confusion dissipating as he becomes aware of the grip of the robot.

    "Release me, you hulking Metal Monster!" He exclaims, his confusing being replaced by anger.

  5. Grrr...I hate typos - confusing = confusion.

  6. "Blast this creature and its inscrutability!" Malakal curses inwardly. He calls to Sunpletl and Vlelezh: "Rotate the line to keep the same formation versus the creature; stay spread so as not to be in a single line of fire. The creature may be dangerous, but so far has not attacked."

    "Lieutenant, I'm taking your suggestion of demonstrating the medical training of Hale." Malakal, moving cautiously, holsters his X-ray pistol, draws his space sword and cuts the outside of his left arm. He then sheathes the sword, and with hands slightly uplifted, slowly moves to Hale and instructs her to tend to his wound. He then points to his wound and Hale, and the creatures wound (as best he can see) and Hale, and then resumes his former position.

    [Fully understanding this should take more than one round. If circumstances change, just point out where I am in the actions and I'll modify the plan from that point.]

  7. Falyai does whatever she can to prepare for translation efforts with Deeds once it completes constructing something approaching a useful linguistic matrix. Hopefully she'll be able to construct some phrases that can suggest to the alien that the ship's personnel are, too, in conflict with this creature's enemies, thus providing a basis for cooperation.

    Falyai also directs her team to provide covering fire for Malakal, on her instructions only, should he require it during his manoeuvre out into a vulnerable position.

  8. I'm away for almost a week. Mors will continue to rail against the bucket of bolts restraining him, attempt to heal anyone injured with his y-ray and, if he gets the opportunity, use the line: "He's [or it's] Dead, Lalei!" ;-)

    Have fun! :-)

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