Thursday, June 23, 2011

Turn 14 Part One: Light and Air

Artificial lightning crackles in the cold icy air as Payákár strafes the two alien monsters as they approach the crawler. Through the turrets ultra-vision display, the Páchi Léi engineer can see the fiends more clearly; pale fleshy creatures, each standing over nine feet tall, ambulating on several tentacles with still more tentacles waving above. 
Payákár watches in horror as the arcing electricity surrounds the creatures and appears to pass through their bodies with no effect.
Below, Captain Kardáma appears momentarily entranced, in her mind’s eye she envisions the throat of the Commander Nek tightening, his air passage constricting.  He staggers back grasps at the base of his space helmet and collapses, dropping the disintegrator rifle and falling against the robot towering over him.
Harv fires his tangler once more at Ekkub at the young Marine is hit and covered in the sticky strands.  Dr. Mors approaches from behind and administers the powerful tranquilizer to the entangled Ekkub.
Kardáma and Harv again feel the creeping alien presence attempting to invade their minds and struggle to drive it out.  Simultaneously they notice a deadened look in the eyes of Dr. Mors who has dropped the tranq hypo and is reaching for the laser pistol in his holster…

[Ship board turn will be posted tomorrow evening…]


  1. OOC: Not there so not sure what I can say, but I have one idea.

  2. [Can the turret top be popped? If so, things are desperate enough that Payákár could try firing the Z-ray rifle out of the hatch.

    As a very desperate measure tangle grenades could be lobbed as they get closer, which - assuming the material clings to them - we might then try setting alight to see if fire has an effect.

    More desperate still would be pulse, though we don't know enough about them to entirely rule out some kind of electronic projector, and maybe even stun.

    I'm assuming the grenades are available as per

    If trying any of that, it would be after an attempt at PSY Luck.

    How about leaving the bots on the ice and flying the shuttle beyond range of the PSY attacks?]

  3. A small part of Mor's Mind > "Must Resist..."

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  6. Upon seeing Nek fall, Lalei releases her telekinetic attack on him, hoping that it's not too late to save the marine. This enemy was far more powerful than she anticipated. It's only a matter of time before they find away through her and Harvet's mental defenses and that would be the end of them.

    "Deeds!" Lalei shouts. "Have the warbots seize Mr. Ekkub, Mr. Nek, and the Doctor! Have one of the remaining wabots take the loose disintegrator then send it and the remaining warbots out to attack of the intruders. Once they depart, take control of the crawler and take us back to the shuttle and launch immediately when we are onboard. Take us out of here and do not until we are out of danger from psionic control or you receive orders from the executive officer! Comply NOW!"

  7. @Porky: The turret can be popped...Payakar has 6 each tangle, pulse and stun grenades per referenced post...we can assume that they are attached to his utility belt.

    @phf: Mors does resist...(once each round actually).

    @all: Part 2 of this turn will be rolled into the next turn tomorrow evening.