Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Turn 12: Alien Contact

On Psi Tauri 9
Ice crunches under the treads of the crawler as it emerges from the shuttle and advances towards the two life-forms with Marine sub-commander Ekkub at the controls.
As Payákár slings his rifle and climbs into the turret, the vehicle lurches and skids. Ekkub has abandoned the controls and is rising from his seat, reaching for his holstered z-ray pistol.
Simultaneously, Commander Nek has lifted his disintegrator rifle and fired on Mr. Harv.  The Pe Choi, all legs scrambling to keep his balance in the spinning crawler, is narrowly missed by the weapon’s black ray.  Behind him, a portion of the crawler’s armored hull glows blue-black and liquefies but the thick armor plated skin of the vehicle remains intact.

On the Deeds of Glory
As Hale and the robots approach the great green cat-like alien it begins to slowly back away.  Málakal addresses the creature but it does not respond.  Hale repeats the message in Mihálli and it replies in exotic gibberish.
Through her open comm channel, Hale informs Málakal and Falyai that, although she is programmed for Mihálli and the creature’s speech shared many similarities with known Mihálli dialects, it was sufficiently different to be untranslatable.  She asks, “Should we attempt to restrain the intruder?”


  1. Falyai suggests it might prudent for Hale and the bots to simply pause for a few moments, in a non-aggressive posture to see whether that eases the creature's tensions.

    Also, she inquires of Deeds whether the translation matrix can be readjusted to assume that the language in-put is assumed to be a drift of the known dialects, either forward, or backward, in time. Presumably the matrix's current configuration does not make this assumption when it attempts to identify dialects of known languages...

  2. Agreed, Lieutenant. Our orders from the Captain are clear. We must not fire unless hostile action is taken.

    Let Hale and the bots hold position, while Sunpletl, Vlelezh and I step backwards and lower our weapons, but maintaining readiness.

    Lieutenant, I defer to your alien contact skills in the direction of Hale and in communication with the alien.

    After a few moments, if Hale has a bandage or any recognizable first aid material that would be of aid for the creature's injuries, I suggest that she may be able to carefully slide them across the floor. Any material that is too technical might not be recognized as help.

    In the mean time, we will not take action to subdue or injure the alien, but continue to try to keep it contained. Deeds, inform the Captain and the Bridge of our situation. We may not be able to open the shuttle bay doors until we can resolve this standoff and get personnel out of the area.

  3. Harv leaps for cover behind the Utility Bot and assumes control thru Machine Empathy. He must assume his human colleagues have fallen under alien mind control! He will try and subdue them with his tangler or grapple them with the Bot.

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  5. Lalei head snaps at the direction of Commander Nek after she hears the deafening hiss of his massive weapon as he fired at the Pe Choi. Damn them! They will pay for this!",

    "Payaker! Get back into the turret and open fire on the intruders! Destroy them!" she shouted. She eyes narrowed as she focused her will upon Nek's mind.

    You will not move, Commander Nek, unless I, and only I, give you a direct verbal or telepathic command to act!

    [Lalei is casting Mind Bar on Commander Nek]

  6. Glad of the clarity in the command, the overriding of all the many doubts, Payákár scrambles, fumbles up the ladder and into the compact turret. Tensed protruberances scrape on panels and the padding of the gunner's seat as eight legs and arms wriggle and thrust in the cramped space.

    Feeling more than thinking over the controls, the Páchi Léi rotates the turret, sights the lifeforms - targets, just targets - and flips up the firing switch once - rotate - twice, lashing focused blasts of electricity out from the coils.

  7. OoC - We didn't establish sitting so I don't know how close Mors is to either Ekkub or Nek...assuming close to Ekkub....

    IC - Dr. Mors grabs to tranquilizer he had been readying and lunges toward Ekkub using all his strength to penetrate the skinsuit.

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