Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Turn 11: Scenes

On the Deeds of Glory:

The lift plummets to the shuttle bay, its doors slide open and the officers and crew, weapons drawn, peer into the gloomy red lit, nearly deserted deck.  Hale the android steps out followed by Málakal, Sunpletl , Vlelezh the Steward and two utility robots.

Pchorvu, Gishku,  Lt. hiSsanmiren and one robot remain in the lift.

Hale turns to Málakal and whispers…”the intruder is kneeling behind the near air car, approximately 35 feet from my location.

Even as she speaks, the alien, a great cat-like biped covered in green fur,  emerges unsteadily from behind the vehicle.  It appears to be naked and unarmed and possibly badly wounded.

On Psi Tauri 9:

Two eye spy devices are launched.  The tiny spheres speed toward the two life forms on the ice.   As the party takes their seats in the crawler, the devices are relaying their signals and a holographic display showing their views materializes above the crawler’s control panel. 
The two on the ice appear to be the Pei Choi scientist and Dr. Bara huBizu, the assistant director of the station.  They are wearing burned and battered spacesuits and look like they’ve been through nine hells.

They are now within 200 feet of the shuttle. 

{sorry for the delay...rough week here including a broken AC and nearly 100 degree brain is semi-cooked...]


  1. Lálei turns to the driver: "Take us out of here. I also need someone in the turret and ready to open fire on the targets If they make a hostile move."

    Lálei closes her eyes and opens a telepathic channel to their welcoming committee: You haven't fooled us. We know that the Pe Choi is dead, so you can cease this foolish charade or we can blow you both to atoms. This is your only warning.

  2. Málakal cautions the team "Careful - it could be a trap. Hale, take the utility bots and see to the creature's needs. Stay in contact with Lt. hiSsanmir-en on com link, who will advise you on alien contact. When it's stable, we can move it to sick bay on a stretcher using the bots. "Sunpletl, Vlelezh - I don't trust these creatures any more than a Hlyss! We'll fan out and cover the med team. The reserves will continue to hold the lift according to plan."

    [When all is ready after any simultaneous player responses:]

    Málakal waves his team out, taking the center. "Hail, Mihalli. You have boarded the Humanspace Imperial Xebec, 'Deeds of Glory'. Our medical yeleth will see to your needs as well as possible. As an intruder, we must consider you a prisoner for now. Take no hostile actions and you will be well-treated.

    [A rotating guard will be manned at sick bay, including at least 1 human and 1 utility bot at all times, until the Mihalli is able to be questioned about where they have been, how they have boarded the ship, and what they know about the research center and the strange gravity wave.].

  3. Falyai performs her duty as directed by Málakal. When the Mihalli is safely removed to the sick-bay (if we proceed to that point uneventfully), Falyai will prepare a report for Málalkal to authorize sent to Imperial Command.

  4. Payákár looks round. Nothing.

    The Páchi Léi doesn't want to man the turret, be responsible for firing it, and is surely not best able to do so, but someone needs to act or the Captain may lose face. And now is certainly not the time for that.

    Thoughts of duranium gone, Payákár pushes the rifle aside and reaches for the ladder with remaining arms.

  5. [I've assumed a top or elevated turret. The pic in the technical manual has none, so it could be taken as retractable, and only raised once out of the shuttle. If anything needs changing, just say.]

  6. @Porky: The turret is retractable. All seems fine.

    @All: Sorry for the continued delays...I had to deal with a few archeological emergencies and long work days. Next Turn will be posted tomorrow night and another on Friday this week.