Thursday, May 26, 2011

Turn 8: Above and Below

The shuttle sets down in the ice at the northeastern edge of the blast crater.  The crater extends 1000 feet toward the rift and the former location of the research station.
Deeds speaks:
“We are within the intensively radiated zone.  Your vehicles and spacesuits will provide complete protection from the radiation; however exposure due to a damaged suit would likely prove more hazardous than the extreme cold.”
Lalei unbuckles from her seat. She pulls an air tablet from a pouch on her utility belt and places it into a holder on the inside of her bubble hood. "Prepare the crawler for departure. Sub-Lieutenant, load your warbots on board."
“By your command,” returns the thin Marine officer, already moving toward the rear of the ship.
Commander Nek rises, “Captain, there are two disintegrator rifles, our most powerful weapons, on the Crawler. I will bear one and arm the Mk 2 Warbot with the second.”
On the view screen, through the spray of ice and darkness, is that a shadowy moving figure in the distance?
In the shuttle, Deeds again:
“The sensors are no longer registering three anomalous life forms at this location; however I have a lock on the location of two identifiable life-forms at 500 feet to the southwest and slowly moving toward our location.  One is a Pe Choi, the other a human…Captain…an intruder…an anomalous life form has been detected in the shuttle bay on the Deeds of Glory.”

In a distant orbit around Psi Tauri 9, aboard the starship a klaxon sounds and the voice of Deeds is heard throughout the ship: “DANGER DANGER INTRUDER ALERT. UNKNOWN LIFEFORM DETECTED IN SHUTTLE BAY.”


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  2. Air tablet in and hood sealed, Payákár lifts and checks the Z-ray rifle with two arms, and all but draws the energy pistol with a third.

    Events are moving fast, too fast to follow, and the Páchi Léi looks up the chain of command for guidance, with just enough presence of mind to wonder at the safety of colleagues on the ship, and Chozá. Little Chozá.

  3. Lalei flips the switch on her communicator to the Deed's bridge channel. "XO, dispatch security teams to the shuttle bay immediately. Lt. hiSsanmiren, track and analyze the intruder. I need to know what in the abyss is attacking my ship and how to stop it."

    She turns back to the Marine, "Prep the disintegrators, Mr. Nek. Meanwhile, I need to know what's going on down here. Mr. Harv, Deeds said that one of the lifeforms in a Pe Choi. Can you confirm that?"

  4. Falyai moves swiftly to assemble sensor data from Deeds inward facing eyes, aggregate, and pass it through Deeds' collection of Known Lifeform Characteristics Matrices, setting it to match against wide variances and report back in likelihood-order. In the moments while waiting for the various steps of her immediate priority to complete, she begins to assemble a draft of the control sequences needed to align Deeds' inward facing eyes to focus chiefly on the various sealing points inside the ship where bulkheads and barriers would be closed in the face of intrusion.

    "Mr Málakal, may I suggest we seal security points behind the team as they progress towards the intrusion point?"

  5. Harv regrets that he is not on the ship to meet the unknown life form. He instead attempts to gather inorfmation on the ruins of the station. He reaches out with his Pei Choi senses and tries to identify the mental state of the Pei Choi survivor.

  6. Turjan throws his mind back to all he learned at the Academy regarding Pe Choi physiology as he prepares a tranquilizer.