Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Turn 7: Upon Arrival

After a difficult 10 minute flight, the shuttle stabilizes, cruising low above the icy surface of the planet.  A planetary map of Psi Tauri 9 fills the view screen. Deeds speaks:
“Indicated on the display are the location of the destroyed research station, our current destination, and the location of the apparent source of the gravitic disturbance. Both lie in the North Polar Region of Psi Tauri 9. The station was located in the foothills of a range of low mountains near the pole; however the terrain between the two points is dominated by low relief ice fields pocked by impact craters of variable size. A high walled impact crater with a diameter of approximately 40 miles is located east of the source of the disturbance.  Both locations lie upon the Chir’un Rift, a great chasm measuring over 1, 700 miles in length and between 75 feet and approximately one mile in width. The station is on the west side of the rift at its northern terminus. The disturbance source is located on the east side of the rift, 180 miles to the south.
Also note, the area of intense subatomic radiation surrounding the location of the former station and the sensor detected life forms and anomalous life form like readings at the two points.”
The map image fades to overlay a real time view of the world’s surface. First the rift, a black crack in the blindingly white ice and snow, then a shallow crater along the rift at the former location of the Imperial research station.

[The previously viewed library data concerning the station and station personnel may be accessed here.]


  1. Falyai desperately tries to remember if the away team has prepared for the eventuality of spending time within an extended area of "intense subatomic radiation". She also wonders at what kind of discommodity they'll have to, on the ground, travel over the Chir'un Rift.

    She also continues to aggregate and package up all the situation data relayed back by the shuttle for eventual transfer on to Imperial Command.

  2. @Drune - I've been assuming that routine "Star Fleet" stuff like putting on a spacesuit before stepping out into space, or taking x air capsules for y days is automatic and based upon Imperial SOP.

  3. Harv stows all electronics in his carry on luggage, folds his tray into the seat back in front of him and places his seat back in an upright position in preparation for landing.

  4. @phf: Sure. Actually skin suits (form fitting leather pajama like spacesuits with bubble hoods) are the naval uniform.

    @ Captain Jack: ha ha...buh-bye, thanks for flying the fiendly skies...

  5. Lalei unbuckles from her seat. She pulls an air tablet from a pouch on her utility belt and places it into a holder on the inside of her bubble hood. "Prepare the crawler for departure. Sub-Lieutenant, load your warbots on board."