Friday, May 20, 2011

Turn 6: To Ice Planet Nine

Away Team:
Captain L. Kardáma
Dr. T. Mors
Mr. Harv
Mr. Payákár
Sub-Lieutenant T. Tchépetl
Spaceman D. Pchorvu
1 Mk1 GUbot
Commander L. Nek
Sub-Commander E. Ekkub
1 Mk2 Warbot
5 Mk 1 Warbots

The Away Team meets in the shuttle bay as the Crawler is loaded aboard the small ship. System checks completed, the bay door opens to the void, the twin white ice worlds, Psi Tauri 8 and 9 clearly visible, reflecting light from the distant star.

Sub-Lieutenant T. Tchépetl at the controls the contra-gravitic drive is engaged and the small ship glides through the bay and into space. As the shuttle turns toward the near planet and blkasts away from the Deeds, the effects of the anti-gravity field surrounding the planet are felt. The ship is rocked and the wiry Martian is clearly struggling in the pilot’s seat.

Through the shuttle link with the ship AI, Deeds speaks:

"I have taken the liberty of projecting Lieutenant hiSsanmiren’s wave filter sequence, which appears to have had some positive results in diminishing the effects of the disturbance on the ship, on a vector between the shuttle and the location of the no longer extant research station.

I suggest following this course and landing near the base in order to avoid the more intense areas of gravity disturbance. If you desire, I can refocus the projection on the location 180 miles to the south where sensor readings detect the humanoid lifeforms and the source of the disturbance; however, even with the use of the filter, I have little confidence in the survivability of the shuttle if the latter option is chosen.”


  1. Lalei, sitting at the co-pilot station, frowns at Deeds' report. She'd was hoping to bring them in as close as possible in order to rescue the survivors. Still, Lalei was no fool. If she wanted to save those scientists, she had to get down to the icy hell in one piece herself.

    "Mr. Tchépetl," she ordered the sub-commander, "follow Deeds' original course and bring us in. I will assist you with the controls."

  2. OOC: Note that Mors has taken the second med kit from Hale and stored it on the shuttle.


    Mors' thoughts mirror Lalei: Speed is of the essence, but safe arrival is also important!

    "Perhaps the original site will offer a clue as to the origin of this mess," he says, "Deeds, can you scan the topology between the original site and the location of the survivors? What options do we have in routes between the two points?"

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