Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Turn 5: Fear of Flying

As icy Psi Tauri 9 spins below, Málakal turns to the captain. 

“After launching the shuttle I will need to take the Deeds out of close orbit.  This anti-gravity field is playing havoc with the controls.  Piloting the shuttle in will be quite difficult as well.”

Over the bridge intercom:

“Marine Sub-Commander Ekkub here.  Commander Nek has asked me to inform the Captain that the warbots are prepared for the away mission.  The crawler has been supplied and loaded on the shuttle.”

“Sub-Lieutenant Tcéptl, Captain.  I would like to volunteer for this mission. I am a capable pilot.”

The Avatar of Deeds, the ship AI, materializes on the bridge.

“Captain,” it says, “It is my opinion that Lieutenant hiSsanmiren underestimates her potential value on this mission.  No offense to Mr. Harv, but Lieutenant hiSsanmiren is more experienced with inter-planar physics.  The disruptive conta-gravitic field that is being broadcast from the planet is certainly inter-planar in nature.

Further, I am continuing to monitor sensor data from Psi Tauri 9.  I have detected three additional anomalous lifeform like readings in the vicinity of the research station in addition to the four humanoids and 24  anomalies at the location from which the conta-gravitic field appears to emanate.

I agree with Mr. Málakal about the hazards of flying the shuttle within this field and I advise that attempting to fly directly into the source of the disruption would be…suicidal. Also, it is highly probable that conta-gravitic devices will not function properly at that location and difficulties with radio communication and remote control of the warbbots should be expected.”


  1. Harv finds Deeds remarks anomalous.
    "Landing party assignments are at the Captains discretion. My rating as an inter planar phyisicist is a matter of record. My concern is for the rescue of the station personnel and retrieval of the expeditions research materials. "

  2. Clearly Deeds is just trying to get Falyai to cease her deep scrutination of its positronic matrix. Harv's Survivalist and Energy Pistol experience (despite not being overtly relevant) may well prove the deciding factors here... 8)

  3. "True Deeds," Lalei says as she makes sure her blaster is secure on her utility belt. "However, we may be entering a combat situation, and Mr. Harv has more field experience than Lt. hiSsanmiren. As much as I'd like to, I can't take the entire bridge crew down with me."

    She turned to the younger woman. "Lieutenant, I'll need you to monitor us from orbit and be prepared to advise us via communicator if something should go wrong."

    She thumbs her intercom switch, "SubCommander, met us at the shuttle bay fully armed and armored."

    Finally she turned to her XO. "Take good care of my ship, Mr. Malakal. I want it and it's crew in one piece when I return."

    "I'll be at the shuttle in a moment, there is something I need to get first."

  4. Lalei leaves the bridge and goes straight to her quarters. When she took command of the Deeds of Glory, she had the cabin's temperature and humidity increased to match those of the tropical clims of Epsilon Eridani 4; the location of her father's estates where she spent most of her childhood. Normally, she found the warm, wet air comforting--especially when off duty after she'd strip out of her confining skin suit to roam about the room clad only in a pair of sandals. Right now, however; the heat coupled with the anxiety only caused her to start sweating uncomfortably.

    The impact with the inter-planar wave and tossed some of her belongs about, and she found Raal, her Yeleth valet, dutifully tiding up the cabin. He looked up from the task of recovering the contents of Lalei's jewelry box and gazed at her with his deep, black eyes.

    "Mistress," he began "I overheard your last intercom message. Are you really going down to that dreadful place?"

    "Yes, Raal, dear." Laeli said as she crossed over to her trunk and start to work its combination lock. Raal had been equipped to be more than just her servant. When she purchased "him"--Lalei liked to think of Raal as truly male--she choose the most attractive body she could afford and purchased a full personality emulation and programmed for etiquette, cooking, massage, sexual technique and even dance. Many Imperial officers, like her XO, normally kept biological slaves or concubines to satisfy their needs, but while Raal had his limitations, he didn't need food, water, or life support and, most importantly, he wouldn't tire out before sating her desires.

    "You do realize how much I worry when you are on away missions." he said as he finished putting away Lalei's small collection of baubles.

    Laeli looked up. "You worry?" she asked incredulously. While positronic science had made it possible to create a facsimile of the human brain, there was still some philosophical debate whether or not the artificial intelligences that dwelled within them actually could "think"... much less feel.

    "Yes, Mistress," the Yeleth said. "I realize that you are gone and postulate upon your current situation," he said. "Sometimes those thought are not pleasant. I can only assume that this is the emotion you call 'worry.'" He then frowned: "Am I wrong, Mistress?"

    Lalei smiled back at the android. "I think you're close enough, dear." She finished keying in the combination and opened her trunk. From it Lalei produced an 8-inch-long ornate metal tube with a recessed crystal embedded on one end. She ran her fingers down its cool, smooth surface remember the hours she spent assembling it and then attuning it to her psychic vibrations. It was time well spent. for when she focused her energies, a brilliant "blade" of psionic force would spring from the crystal capable of cutting through duranium with little effort.

    Lalei clipped her psi-sword to her belt and walked over to the android. Raal, picking up on her mood, put his arms around her. She gave Raal an affectionate squeeze in return.

    "Please be careful mistress," he said.

    "I will," she said. "Don't worry." She giggled softly, then turned to leave her quarters and go to the shuttle bay.

  5. OOC: In addition to their Med Kits, Turjan and Hale each sign out a blaster from the ship's arms locker and a communicator.

    OOC: Are the Air Cars and Crawler carried in the shuttle? Or do they have the means to travel between the surface and the ship by themselves?

    IC: Dr. Mors suggests that someone should make sure the Eye Spies, a Sensor Orb and Perimeter Orbs are brought.

  6. @phf: Air cars and/or Crawler may be carried in the shuttle at the expense of cargo space.

    Air cars are capable of spaceflight but are very slow compared to the shuttle. Max. speed about 1000 mph. A pilot would also tell you that operating one in the conta-gravitic disturbance surrounding Psi Tauri 9 would be very dangerous.

    The crawler is a terrestrial vehicle. It is capable of operating in extreme environs and could travel across the bottom of an ocean but it does not fly.

    Eight rear seats in the shuttle and crawler can convert to 4 sick bay beds...

  7. Too much going on today to post a new turn so I will shoot for tomorrow evening. It would be helpful to clarify exactly who is going, who will fly the shuttle, what equipment is being taken, any changes to personal equipment/armor etc. that hasn't already been posted.

  8. @Lalei "Absolutely, Captain; I've run the pre-flight diagnostics on the communication circuits and all seems fine; additionally, I've prepared some wave filter routines that may be able to help lessen the anticipated effect of interference."

  9. [Re the variation in numbers mentioned on Payákár's character sheet, I'd like to take from the locker half a dozen each of the tangle, pulse and stun grenade types, as well as half a dozen of air tablets - if that's reasonable and there's not a standard issue of any of them - in addition to everything else listed on the character sheet. Also, would we need to note taking rations at all?]