Monday, May 9, 2011

TURN 2/Last Call

[I will delay posting Turn 3 until tomorrow evening in order to give Malakal and any others a chance to contribute prior to jumping out system.  The ship has reached optimum speed for translation to the Psi Tauri system.  As Psi Tauri 9 lies far from the star, it would be possible to safely emerge from inter-planar space within 500,000 miles (and less than eight minutes travel time) of  the world. 

It is SOP to raise definsive screens prior to activating the inter-planar drive.  Also remember, unless somewhat risky navigational adjustments are made the ship will arrive in system motionless and the jump is instantaneous.]


  1. Harv has actually read several lengthy works by Dr. Gúlum Yar; although none are recent. Yar was the acknowledged expert on the archaeology of the early Second Terran Empire and most of his work was conducted at ancient Martian gene vat sites.

    Harv had believed that Dr. Yar was retired.

  2. Sorry The Drune, I need to drop out of the game. Sorry if I caused any problems.

  3. Pre-jump, Falyai prepares the "Oh Noz! Ship in extreme distress!" message with all the appropriate detail, so that, if needed, it can be dispatched with utmost speed.

    Also, pre-jump, Falyai prepares all the buffers needed to guard the ship's positronic mind from the horrors of translation, knowing that it is the quality of these buffers that help prevent (delay?) the ship's mind from descending into a dangerous and chaotic psychosis...

  4. Having little to do after the intensity of the pre-jump calculations, Lil Chompy daydreams and writes in his head the latest installment of his new series, Against the Trárkku.

  5. "Are there any other questions or suggesttions before I announce our orders to the rest of the crew?" Lálei asked.

  6. @ Mike D. No problem...sorry you couldn't stay on.

    @ All: Marine Commander Nek has donned a red shirt and is now an NPC. If anyone wants to run him as a backup character let me know.