Thursday, May 5, 2011


Throughout the ship, the voice of Captain Lálei Kardáma over the intercom, echoes:
"Mr. Nek, Dr. Mors. please report to the meeting room, immediately.
 In the red lit Marine Robotics bay in the bowels of the ship:
Marine NCO and Roboticist Ekkub: The robotic claws on Mk I #2 are sticking on extension again. You should be off to the meeting Commander Nek.  I am quite capable of finishing the inspection.
In Engineering:
Jiná Surék Uná, the Áylgibrán Enginner’s assistant leans into the open compartment of Wavium Pod Array 4 making slight adjustments with a molecular spanner. Wiping sweat from her brow with one hand she smears her face with black magnetic dust.
Táz Tchépetl practices fencing behind her, pauses to admire her posterior…
“Jina,” he says, “you can’t spend your life down here with your wide eyed alien boss and his little space monster. How about a break? Come up to my quarters for a glass of Aldeberan brandy.  Tomorrow we may die…”

In the Sick Bay:

The avatar of Deeds, huge and shimmering, reaches out to the android Halé, his hand, like a massive but delicate ruddy brown pot sherd, passes though her cheek.  She stands motionless, her deep black eyes wide open…
On the bridge:
Payákár remains lost in thought, looking for the nebula in the view screen…then, an optical illusion in the starry void, like sad human eyes looking back from the depths of space..the sad eyes of an astronaut that have seen too much death and other horrors beyond fear, pain, space, death, and time.  A soft voice whispers inside the alien's skull…”the astronaut needs time…”
The Nininyal navigator has prepared and finalized the n-dimensional instructions that will translate the Deeds of Glory across approximately 9, 7899564333354333111 light years of void space to its destination; soon the ship will abruptly vanish and arrive…..
Falyai settles into the plush Captain’s chair. Half her mind dreams of glory beyond the stars, the other half continues the complex calculations that could provide a formula for determining the precise date and time that the garbled distress call was sent and ultimately might clear up certain troubling irregularities in trans-temporal contra-gravitic waveform theory…

In the Meeting Room:

Lálei Kardáma , Krútai Málakal, Portents of the Harvest Dawn, and  Dr. Turjan Mors gather.

Captain Kardáma flashes the ship's chief medical officer her best professional smile.
"Greeting's Doctor. Have a seat. We only await Mr. Nek, then we can begin. I hope I didn't pull you away from anything important."


  1. "Captain" Turján nods in greeting, returning the smile and taking a seat. "No, nothing that can't wait."

  2. Payákár formally took leave of the bridge and turned, quartet of legs beating a calm time.

    That... That was less clear than usual. The Páchi Léi wondered earnestly what it meant, pushing the thought out gently, hoping it would deign to answer; felt again the reliance was unhealthy, like the lulling of a new device when the sturdy back-up was always needed.

    Or the less than sturdy.

    The worry returned. What if one day it... If it failed?

  3. Note Harv has dropped the "Dawn" from his name.

  4. OOC Still waiting for Nek to arrive.

  5. @Captain Jack: My appy-polly-loggys to Harv.

    @ Schoolmaster: Kek can be an NPC until Mike D. shows up...assume he has arrived.

  6. @ The Drune - This post is very well done. It magicks up a great atmosphere, of weird pulp adventure, but trekkiness and calm too, and the sense of a ship going about its business.

  7. Krutai gives each crew member an appraising look, discerning their state, but not revealing his. His face is a mask, mouth crooked in his habitual smirk. His eyes are the only active piece of his countenance, flicking from gesture to twitch to absent-minded scratching on skin, taking in much.

  8. After the arrival of Mr. Nek and everyone is seated, Lálei begins as she taps a few keys her control panel, bringing up the transmitted orders and related materials on the room's viewscreen:

    "Gentlemen, it seems that missing explorer's are the order of the day. I have our orders from Imperial Fleet Command and we are proceed immediately to Psi Tauri 9. We have lost contact with the Imperial Archeological esearch Station Pulúbiyish, The last contact was 29 T.S. days ago by supply ship. Hlutrgú activity has been reported in the subsector. We are to investigate and, if necessary, secure the facility."

    Lálei paused for the moment to let the information sink in.

    "We are to cooperate fully with station personnel, particularly since the director of the station holds an Imperial Warrant. Any questions?"

  9. Turján stroked his beard absently, as was his habit when thinking. "I assume Deeds can provide us with a summary of what the Research Station's primary mission was?" He paused, and the: "If you please, Deeds."

  10. Harv experiences conflict - the ship has it's duty to answer the distress call - but he is very interested in visiting the archaeological site.

  11. Deeds: The station appears to have been involved in researching ruins of ancient pre-Pe Choi interstellar civilization. I have little data on the station, search results are displayed on your screens.

  12. Harv recognizes the name of Dr. Gúlum Yar as an important contributor to imperial archaeology.
    He attempts to call up any recent scholarly papers by Dr. Yar or the other researchers.
    "Captain, I suggest preparing a robot for remote operation to investigate the archaeological outpost."

  13. "First thing is first Mr. Harv," Lálei said. "First we need to make sure that these citizens are still alive and render any necessary aid. If we can not raise them once we enter orbit, then we will have to consider the worst."

    Lálei turned to look at the leader of her marines. "If that is the case, I will need Mr. Nek to be prepare an armed landing party to secure the station once we arrive."

    She then looked to her surgeon. "Dr. Mors, I will need to prepare sick bay to receive casualties." She then turned her attention to the Pe Choi, "If we've determine that this is the result of an extraordinary situation, then we'll need to investigate further."

    "We might be jumping into hostile space, so we'll need the Deeds of Glory battle-ready before we arrive." Lálei turned to her XO, "Is there anything I missed, Mr. Malakal?"