Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Turn 1: Read Only Memories

Six Imperial Naval officers, human and alien, a lithe and pretty slave girl, and a male android with jet black eyes and paper white skin climbed aboard the shuttle at Yézudus Port on Miza 6 . In the ensuing hours aboard the newly refitted ship, they performed their duties, checked systems, and made varyingly sincere, inept, successful and half-hearted attempts to get to know one another. These social rituals and professional tasks continued in the days that followed as the Deeds of Glory set course, as ordered, out-system and rimward, awaiting further instructions.

Captain Lálei Kardáma a small attractive woman with a dark complication, deep-brown slanted eyes, and long black hair; daughter of retired Fleet Admiral and a member of the Order of the Verdant Sphere--an exclusive cult of wealthy and powerful sybarists. She is said to be a powerful mentalik and keeps an android lover.

Executive officer and pilot Krútai Málakal, his father a powerful administrator in the Tau Ceti Debris Disk and his mother a noble of the Great Ket Vriddu and Captain of the Imperial dreadnought Red Devastation killed in a Mihalli raid several years ago. He is rumored to be hard and cruel but an excellent officer and pilot. His young concubine Zira brightens the corridors of the ship when she passes.

Pé Chói Science Officer Portents of the Harvest Dawn, called Harv, a specialist in xeno-biology and robotics. A true seeker after knowledge and experience.

Medical Officer Dr. Turjan Mors, a bearded scientist, said to have been a brilliant researcher that accepted a commission in the navy to avoid the wrath of a jealous noble after an ill considered affair with the Space Lord’s favorite concubine.

Navigator, author, and adventurer, Khompskpsk, a Niniyal nicknamed “Lil' Chompy” by fans of its series of trashy vid-novellas.

Engineering Officer Payákár, a friendly Páchi Léi, often found working long hours in the drives room with his pet Chozá, a small creature, all wings, eyestalks and tentacles.

Marine Commander Led'ur Nek and his haughty sub-commander and roboticist Ek Ekkub arrived hours later and have been busy with their armored robots since. They have done little socializing with the officers and crew.

The remainder of the crew came aboard soon after, most have yet unremembered names and faces. Táz Tchépetl , the Gunnery/Security NCO, is certainly memorable; a lanky Martian with a handsome face marked with a terrible scar obtained in the Death Arena as is Jiná Surék Uná, the voluptuous Áylgibrán who spends far too much time in Engineering.

Ferried to the ship as it headed out-system was a last minute addition to the crew, Lieutenant Science Officer Falyai hiSsanmiren. She mentioned that her orders involved monitoring the ship AI and the Ansible communications system, necessary due to some irregularities noticed in final diagnostic tests performed on the ship AI.

The ship AI is known as Deeds and its holographic avatar is occasionally seen about the ship. It has been somewhat aloof and perfunctory in the first days of the voyage. The lovely Health and Joy Android Halé, on the other hand, has been extremely sociable, when not busy in the sickbay with Dr. Turjan Mors.

Rumors have also spread that the last crew of the Deeds of Glory succumbed to space madness beyond Canopus last year and the only survivor of the doomed mission is locked in a naval asylum on Sirius 7.

In deep space, billions of miles beyond Miza, as the Deeds of Glory gradually reached a speed incrementally below that of light, the officers gathered on the bridge.

Lieutenant Science Officer Falyai hiSsanmiren, monitoring the ansible station, was shocked by the sudden flashing of numerous muti-colored lights on the communication panel. Two messages were being received simultaneously, the first encoded, a transmission from Imperial Fleet Command, presumably with the awaited instructions.

The second message, garbled, a voice, ”Mayday, this is Captain ----- Imperial Extreme Survey vessel -----nebula----remote planet….contact mission…now under attack…unknown weapon…planet’s surface…coordinates…sending coordinates…Mayday…”


  1. Viktor Haag has joined the game and is plaing Lieutenant Science Officer Falyai hiSsanmiren.

    @Viktor: I set your character's level at 2. Thanks for the detailed character sheet and notes.

  2. Lálei frowns at the rotten timing of the transmissions. Orders from fleet command are not be ignored unless you wanted to be marched out of an airlock naked; however, depending on the situation ignoring a distress call could have the same consequences. Lálei drummed her fingers on the armrest of her acceleration couch.

    "Lieutenant hiSsanmiren," she says in a cool soprano, "Reply to Fleet Command and acknowledge receipt of transmission. Then inform them of our present situation. Be sure to forward a recording of the signal to Fleet and enter another into the ship's log. Deeds, pinpoint the location of that signal."

    Lálei turned and looked at her second in command and gave him a slight smile. "Well, XO, that was inconvenient," she said. "What is your opinion of the situation?"

  3. Deeds replies instantly, "the coordinates resolve to an uncharted location within the Hnáltec Nebula...7.467 light years from present location. Interplanar mass interference; however, may indicate that the distress call is temporally anomalous...I cannot determine if it is from the past or future or the degree of displacement at this time.

  4. Payákár, at the rear of the group of officers, is concerned, protrusions almost imperceptibly tensed. Attacks mean injury, loss of life, damage to machines. The Páchi Léi feels a strong desire to aid the stricken vessel's crew and systems, and hopes fervently, albeit silently, that whatever the orders from Fleet, the Deeds makes best speed to those in immediate need. Large round eyes watch the Captain and XO

  5. @The Drune Thanks! And hello everyone.

  6. FALYAI: "Right away, Captain. I'll see if we can clean up this distress call to get more detail; perhaps we can match the voice against known ship commanders in the fleet?"

    Falyai is secretly pleased to be dipped immediately into action: it has saved her the discomfort of the continued, silent speculation as to her credentials and provenance.

    Next actions: (a) ACK receipt of commuiqué to Fleet Command.
    (b) Decode transmission from Fleet Command and relay content of it to Captain.
    (c) Begin work on trying to salvage more information out of the distress call, assuming no belaying from the Captain.

    [Protocol question: who's allowed to talk to Deeds and/or give Deeds instructions or requests for activity? Do all such things have to go through the chain of command? Is Deeds a "person" or a service portal? Where does /Deeds/ fit within the chain of command?]

  7. Krutai stroked his beard and raised an dark eyebrow. He sipped from his cup of kla before responding.

    “The temporal anomalies on the distress call worry me. This incident could be long past and warping through a wormhole, or it may not have even occurred yet. But to me, our duty is clear. My recommendation is to head toward the distress call while we decode our orders. If the orders are of higher priority than rescuing valuable empire personnel and property or perhaps gaining captives and salvage, then we can divert. Captain?”

  8. Falyai cautiously observes Krutai, and thinks, 'We're allowed to drink kla on the bridge? Noted for future reference... or maybe that's a privilege reserved for those higher than my paygrade... hmmm"...

  9. Harvscuttles to man the ships Science station and search for library data on the ship in distress and it's mission.

  10. 'Agreed commander," Lálei said. "The Law of the Stars must take priority. Mr Khompskpsk, plot a course to the co-ordinates of the distress signal then proceed out of the system at best speed. I don't want Miza's gravity well interfering with our jump accuracy. In the meantime, Deeds, decrypt the Fleet communique and display it on my monitor, text only."

  11. Falyai cocks an amused eyebrow as Deeds does her job. 8)

  12. "Mr Khompskpsk, plot a course to the co-ordinates of the distress signal then proceed out of the system at best speed."

    Swiveling in his chair to attend to the neural navigational array, Lil' Chompy clucks his beak in acceptance and adds: "When you command, Oh Altitudinous One, we all profit."

    There is perhaps a fleeting, subtle look of irony on his nonhuman face as he turns to begin the mentally ardorous task of psychically mapping the relevant folds in the fabric of space and time.

  13. OOC:
    Props to the Drune for the Traveller cover quote homage.