Sunday, May 1, 2011

Technical Manual v1.0 UPDATED

No Turn Zero but Turn 1 shoud be up tomorrow night.

In the interim, I prepared a preliminary version of the Ship's Technical Manual that includes ship stats, ship's vehicles, stats for all NPC crew members, robots, and androids, and inventory of the ship's locker.

Access Version 1.01 here.


  1. Correction: Turn 1 is Tuesday evening. Ancient Astronauts is on M W F this week.

  2. Stolen & I'll be using these for my guidelines for my upcoming play test & then a more solid advanced game coming up! Thanks very much.

  3. I see elements of Traveller ship construction in the Deeds design. (i.e. 1000 tons 10 turrets).

  4. @Needles: Good Luck and let us know how it goes.

    @Schoolmaster: The ship construction/combat is still in total flux...right now it is a mix of Traveller and my own ideas based on D&D combat. I need to look at a few old space war miniatures games and ship combat games like Trireme (since it was recommended in EPT for naval battles) before settling on the mechanics.

    I have worked out details like maximum safe "jump" at 9 light years and it's instantaneous but the ship needs to be moving near light speed to "jump." It takes some time to reach sufficient speed. I have a basic understanding of how gravitic "maneuver" drive will work - Humanspace ships are able to turn at crazy impossible angles like UFOs.

  5. *FPPPPT* (spit take)

    The sex android is probably better at my job than I am.
    Shades of "Tripping the Rift"....

  6. I found a few minor errors in the manual (wrong stats for one crew NPC and the Mk 2 warbot). I replaced the link with the fixed version.

  7. @Captain Jack: Oh're onto the secret metaplot...