Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Status Report (UPDATED)

I believe the following reflects the current situation.

SchoolMaster -Complete 
Porky - Complete
MikeD- prepare background
Phf - Advance character to 3rd level
BrettSlocum - Complete
CaptainJack - Advance character to 3rd level and prepare background
ckutalik-Advance character to 3rd level

As multiple versions of characters and backgrounds have been posted in comments on several different blog posts and others have been showing up in email, let me know if you have completed a task and I don't seem to realize that you have done so.

 Assuming all characters are completed in the next few days I expect to post the first turn on Friday 4/29. 


  1. After generating Ability scores it became clear none of my candidates had warrior potential. (For details see http://swordandplanetrpg.blogspot.com/2011/04/being-of-character.html)

    Instead we have a curious and perhaps naive young Pei Choi Scientist/Science Officer ready to explore the universe of 621st century.

    Name: Portents of the Harvest Dawn ("Harv" for shot)
    Species: Pei Choi (male)

    Class: Scientist 3rd level
    STR 10
    DEX 12
    CON 6
    INT 12
    PSY 16
    CHA 16

    Skills and Background to follow.

  2. I was told 4th level initially, is that not correct? Here he is at 4th. Still working on background.

    Led'ur Nek / Human - Warrior 4th level
    STR 13
    DEX 9
    CON 12
    INT 7
    PSY 12
    CHA 12
    HP 26
    AC 1 (in Armour) / 4 (in Skin Suit)

    - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - -
    Basic : Scavenger
    Tech : Alien Contact
    Expert: Security

    - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - -
    Primitive Weapon (sword)
    Space Swordsman +1
    Space Axeman
    Energy Pistol +1
    Energy Rifle
    Space Armor
    Projectile Pistol
    Projectile Rifle
    Heavy Weapons

    11,200 Starting CR
    5,400 remaining CR

    - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - -
    Space Armor, Medium (AC3)
    Shield Belt Mk II (+2 AC)
    Skin Suit (AC 6)
    Space Sword (1d10 dmg)
    Eye Spy
    Scan Goggles

  3. Krutai's concubine is Zira, a 19 year old human female, lithe and pretty.

  4. OK:

    Starting CR= 2600 (Level 4 * 2) = 20,800 Credits

    CR after buying equipment (I gave my translator orb three languages, Pei Choi Shen, and Ahoggya) = 16,340

    If I'm going to purchase a Yeleth, I need to know how to figure out it's HP? Should I use the EPT stats? That and I think we're going to need to finance it.

  5. @Captain Jack: That works. Medical Officer position is open so try to take Med skills. Alternately, we could add an alien contact specialist to the crew.

    @Mike D. 4th level is correct. My mistake in the post.

    @Brett: Humans without professions (Astronaut, Scientist, Warrior, Adventurer) get 1d4+4 hp and attack and save as a 0 Level warrior,

    @Schoolmaster: I think the Yeleth from Tekumel are more advanced and potentially more durable than the average android in Humanspace.

    I'm leaning toward generating human-like androids as 1st level humans so she would have 1d6+6 hp. Android would be the class.

    For now, assume a 1st level android with a positronic brain would be programmed with a randomly generated number of background skills like a normal human and the following powers/limitations:

    Max. PSY score=8 (no PSY powers)
    Immunity to mind affecting powers
    Eidetic Memory
    Lightning Calculator
    Control of Self
    Speed Reading
    Absolute Time Sense
    No need for life support

    Adding special abilities like the Yeleth hypnosis power would increase the cost...

    As for financing pay as much as you want and the rest would be billed monthly.

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  7. Here is Lålei's boytoy (literally). She paid 10,000 CR as a down payment leaving her with 6,340 CR.

    1st level "Male" Yéleth

    STR: 12
    DEX: 10
    CON: 11
    INT: 10
    PSY: 8
    CHA: 17

    HP: 9

    Background Skills:
    Courtesan +1
    Entertainer (Dancer)

    Immunity to mind affecting powers
    Eidetic Memory
    Lightning Calculator
    Control of Self
    Speed Reading
    Absolute Time Sense
    No need for life support

    Cost 35,000 CR

    Along with the paper-white skin and black eyes common to all Yéleth, Ráal appears to be a young, incredibly handsome, anatomically correct (and functional) human male. Programmed to serve as Cpt. Kárdama's obedient personal valet, secretary, steward, cook, masseur, confidant, and pleasure servant, "he" is rarely seen outside of the captain's quarters unless he is on an errand for his mistress and usually dresses in little more than a loin cloth and sandals.

  8. Lord Vimuhla's incandescent blazes! I'd better get off my butt and send you folks pic of the shuttle boat before you need it!

    yours, Chirine

  9. I will be back from the work trip to Chicago tonight and be able to finish up the skills, powers, and special possessions for Lil' Chompy. (Finished my background reading in Flamesong for a little Pygmy Folks inspiration too.)

  10. roger that; over and out ranger bobsled!

  11. Lil Chompy

    Pygmy Folk (he owns the phrase) Astronaut.
    3rd Level
    Advanced background

    STR: 10
    DEX: 15
    CON: 10
    INT: 13
    PSY: 11
    CHA: 12

    Hp: 18
    Cr: 7,800 (all hoarded no extra gear)

    Skills: Scavanger, cook, brawler, mechanic, comp tech, electrician, spacer, astronomer, author

    Class Skills: Navigator (+2), engineer, energy pistol, gunner, space swordsman, pilot, psy luck, empathy

    Psy Powers: Inter-planar barrier, mind bar

  12. @ Chirene: Please do!

    @ All: Waiting on the finalization of two characters and I had an unplanned trip yesterday and didn't have time to complete the Turn Zero post I've been preparing. I will try to post that this weekend and Turn 1 on Tuesday.

    April 30, 2011 4:50 AM

  13. Did you receive my "leveled up" character?

  14. @phf-I did.

    @All: I need background from Mike D. and levelled up character from Capt. Jack otherwise all is complete. I'm planning to post a Turn Zero later today and Turn 1 Monday night.

  15. @phf: It looks like your character might best qualified as medical officer.

    @Capt. Jack: ...which leaves Science Officer open.

  16. I've got mine mostly done. I will just reallocate some of his skills since PHF has medical officer covered now.

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  19. Meet "Harv" (revised)
    Portents of the Harvest
    "Harv" for short

    Pei Choi (male) Scientist 3rd level

    STR 10
    DEX 12
    CON 6 (-1hp, -1 Save Poison)
    INT 12
    PSY 16 (+2 Save PSY, + 1 PSY Power Success)
    CHA 16 (-1 Reaction, 6 Retainers, 9 Morale)

    HP: 9

    AC Natural Pei Choi AC

    Background Skills

    Biologist +1
    Energy Pistol
    Roboticist +1

    Heat Ray
    Machine Empathy +1
    Interplanar Physicist

    Can of Zgwortz

    Plastic Actualizer
    Contra Grav Belt
    Eye Spy
    Sensor Orb
    Laser Flashlight
    Lock Pick
    Magnetic Clamps
    Scan Goggles
    Translator Orb
    Utility Belt


    Harv hails from an Agri - world settled four centuries ago by Humans and Pei Choi. From a young age he was fascinated by the harvesters and agri-bots that populated the countryside of his homeward. He spent much of his adolescence outdoors training in the ancient Pei Choi psychic arts of observation, mediation and oneness with nature.
    Longing to experience more of nature than his terra-formed homeward could offer, Harv journeyed off-world to study at the Imperial Science Academy. Upon graduation his twin interests in Life Science and Robotics brought him to the attention of Imperial Navy recruitment. Harv joined the Imperial Navy on the promise of new worlds to explore and contact with new life forms.