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Spaceswords & Glory

The Blog

The game will hosted on this blog.All players will be added as contributors.

The Players
Porky - playing a Páchi Léi astronaut
BrettSlocum -playing a human astronaut
CaptainJack - playing a Jaguar Knight space marine perhaps, or a Pei Choi science officer/archaeologist or an irascible Ahoggya engineer?
ckutalik-playing "Lil' Chumpy" a Niniyal astronaut

The Scheme

The transactions of the game will consist of blog posts.  A Turn will last from one Referee post to another.  Simple player turns may be posted as comments to the Referee Turn post but more complicated player turns may be individual posts (please put the Turn # in the post title and labels).  The referee and players may comment on its content if they like.  

As for the sprockets and cogs of how this game will run I propose that, following character generation and the posting of all the character sheets, I will need a few days to figure out what’s going on with these characters then I will post the first turn. Players will have roughly two days to react to the turn, as I will attempt to post a new turn every other week day for each game on alternate days. 

In order to speed up some situations or combats, I may request that players submit a plan and a few dice rolls rather than dragging every such situation out for weeks. I would play out such situations and post the results. If the encounter begins to go bad or seems too far removed from the players’ posted plans I will pause it and post the situation as the next turn.

Players may request to move any encounters to chat or Skype for detailed resolution and if we have a quorum, we will do so.  Later the chat logs or similar would be posted to the blog.

Players that cannot keep to the schedule (or if an encounter goes chat or skype and can’t attend) may select another player to run their character or the character will be run as an NPC during their absence.

I’m hoping to have two volunteers for Vice-Referees as I previously posted.  Tim (Risus Monkey) has tentatively agreed to VR for this game. 

Character Generation

Players will need to work together to determine which position each will hold on the ship. Check out the brief specifications below. Some officers and/or crew will be NPCs. I will make final decisions about player positions if necessary.  Once positions are determined I will instruct each player to advance their character to a specified level. 

Next, everyone will prepare their complete character sheet and email it to me or post it on the blog. I will review and revise it as needed and repost the final sheet. 

I’d also like everyone to write a brief character description or background. Length is up to you…it can be something like David’s background for Arto that was posted at ix, a paragraph, or three wishes. I reserve the right to edit these to fit better with campaign or setting though.

Although lots of navy issue gear will be available on the ship you may buy any personal equipment that you like and if there is something you are interested in buying that's not on the lists let me know.

Deeds of Glory

You are the officers and crew of the Humanspace Imperial starship Deeds of Glory (Májikhajiyel), a 1000 ton spherical patrol xebec of the Little Death Moon class attached to the Hyades Deep Space Fleet. 


Displacement: 1000 tons
Contra-Gravitic Drive: Three-Light
Interfogulator: Mk 20
Computer: Positronic Brain AI Mk 7 (Deeds)
Ansible: Mk 5
Armaments:  6 Z-ray turrets, 4 rocket launchers (Diambrite and Sub-atomic)
Officers: 6 (Captain, Pilot, Navigator, Science Officer, Medical Officer, Engineer)
Crew: 6 + 4 robots, 1 android (Health and Joy Yeleth Mk 3)
Marines: 2 officers, 6 warbots
Vehicles: 4 life pods, 1 shuttle, 2 armored air-cars, 1 armored crawler

Deeds is the avatar of the ship's positronic brain.

If you haven't already you might want to read about the government and militaries of Humanspace in the 621st century, about your Emperor, the Veritable Autocrator, and this overview of Humanspace Society. Consider social class when writing character background. All military officers are made Citizens.

Any questions?


  1. Leaving shortly. Will try and develop character over weekend and post details on return. Currently leaning towards playing a scientist (Medical Officer perhaps?)

  2. I have rolled up a Marine Officer - Ledur Nek Human/Warrior:

    STR 13
    DEX 9
    CON 12
    INT 7
    PSY 12
    CHA 12

    Basic Skill: Scavenger
    Tech Skill: Alien Contact
    Expert Skill: Security

    Warrior Skills:
    Space Swordsman, Energy Pistol/Rifle, Space Armor, Projectile Pistol/Rifle, Grenades, Heavy Weapons, and Demolitions.

    (All class skills selected at 1st level).

    Working on background now.

  3. Lil' Stumpy has both navigator and engineer skills, so I guess he could fill either roll.

  4. Krutai works best as a Pilot, but I could start anew if that doesn't work.

  5. My guy - as yet nameless - has experience in construction and training as an engineer, so that seems the way it'd go ('it' because there's no gender, and I'm not sure how to deal with that yet). That said, the character's likely to turn out relatively easy-going and would suffer on doing as good a job as possible wherever posted. Also, The Drune's just emailed to say starting skills are not so much of an issue in choosing posts as we'll be going up levels anyway and can get what we need then. Given all of that, I'm pretty relaxed about where the character ends up.

    I've got a question for consideration. According to the post at ix on the military, my kind of alien is not very often encountered, possibly never. I'm wondering what you think about 'it' being in a Worf-like situation, formally in, but not necessarily 'fitting', maybe just a little naive. Intelligence is low too.

    I'll be dealing with weapons and gear soon and when I do I'll post the whole character. Until then it might be good for everyone to know the species is uplifted and the character is aiming to live up to the promise of that, prove the decision a good one.

  6. I'll have my PC posted tonight after work.

  7. Thinking outside the box a bit - and we are flying a sphere after all - I could even take the role of some kind of resource manager. 'Cargo Officer' maybe, if it didn't keep the character out of the action.

  8. I've got a good idea for her background, but first we need to determine her role.

    Lálei Kardáma
    Class/Level: Level 1 Astronaut
    Age 27
    HP: 9

    Strength: 10
    Dexterity: 14 (-1 AC Modifier, +1 Attack Modifier, +1 Saving Throw)
    Constitution: 8
    Intelligence: 12
    Psychic Ability: 15 (+1 Saving Modifer to PSY Effects)
    Charisma: 10

    Technical: Air Pilot +1, Alien Contact, Bureaucrat, Courtesan.
    Expert: Astronomer, Scholar, Spy.
    Astronaut: Skills: Gunner. Space Swordsman, Energy Pistol, Navigator, Pilot.
    PSY Powers: Psy Luck, Empathy, Inter-Planar Barrier.

  9. @phf: We seem a bit short on scientists in both games so I would encourage Medical or Science Officer.

    @ Mike D. Marine officer works. Advance Ledur to 4th level.

    @ckutalik: I think navigator and 3rd level.

    @Porky: A few things, the Pachi Lei were uplifted about 60000 years ago so they're a pretty established and advanced society and not rare on naval ships. Viz "The Imperial Navy and the paramilitary Imperial Extreme Survey are more integrated and it is not unusual to find members of several alien species in a starship’s crew."

    I like the concept though and recall fro star charts that some Pachi Lei worlds spinward of Arcturus lie within the Regulan neutral zone or even within Regulan space. Your character may be from a world that has been scoured, enslaved, or otherwise completely effed up by the Shunned Ones.

    I'm thinking about a job for you but not sure...maybe engineer...the spots open but it might be better suited to an NPC. Or maybe not?

    @ Brett and Schoolmaster: Rochambeau for Captain and First Officer?

    Assuming all these proposed assignments stick, available jobs include Science or Medical Officer, 2nd Marine officer, crew, maybe Engineer, robot, Health and Joy Yeleth, maybe Deeds, maybe something someone makes up...

    ...and where is IlMale™ ???

  10. Oh yeah...

    @Brett: Remembering question about Tau Ceti (or Al Naʽāmāt). It is a very ancient Human system in the Terran core only 12 light years from Earth. Tau Ceti 3 was one of the first worlds terraformed after Mars and was a center of Cymek machine culture during and after the fall of the Second Empire. Unfortunately, about 5000 years ago a massive meteor storm overwhelmed the planet's defenses resulting in the deaths of many millions and the collapse of the artificial ecosystem. It's been airless since, abandoned to the billions of wild robots that were left behind.

    Wavium crystal mining is still a major concern in the the debris disk surrounding the star and thousands of asteroid mining settlements remain there including Syntrál, the seat of the wealthy Ket of the system's governor and Sughu City, the most decadent city in the Old Core.

  11. @School Master et al: School as Captain at 4th level, Brett as pilot/exec at 3rd, phf as Science or Medical officer also at 3rd level, ckutalik as navigator at 3rd, Mike D Marine CO at 4th.

    Any objections?

    That leaves:

    finding a good job for Ansible operator? Steward?

    CaptainJack a Jaguar Knight space marine perhaps, or a Pei Choi science officer/archaeologist or an irascible Ahoggya engineer?

    IlMale™ ???

  12. Question is the Deeds Of Glory set up for stats to be the "official" version of star ship generation for this game at the moment in play test mode?

  13. @Needles: Definitely play test mode

  14. Well, if there's still no engineer, I'm very happy with that. The character has a lot of arms so with luck there'll not be too much 'I cannae hold it'.

    @ The Drune - Thanks for the info. I can work that in no trouble.

  15. @ Porky: Engineer at 2nd level it is.

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  17. OK, here's my PC sans gear since I'm not sure how Drune wants to handle this in a military campaign.

    Cpt. Lálei Kardáma
    Class/Level: Level 4 Astronaut
    Homeworld: Tékumel
    Age: 27
    HP: 19

    Strength: 10
    Dexterity: 14 (-1 AC Modifier, +1 Attack Modifier, +1 Saving Throw)
    Constitution: 8
    Intelligence: 12
    Psychic Ability: 15 (+1 Saving Modifer to PSY Effects)
    Charisma: 10

    Technical Skills: Air Pilot, Alien Contact, Bureaucrat, Courtesan +1.
    Expert Skills: Astronomer, Scholar, Spy.
    Astronaut: Skills: Engineer,Gunner. Space Swordsman, Energy Pistol, Navigator, Pilot, Psy Luck, Empathy, Control of Self, Bio-PK 1, Third Eye, Suggestion, ESP, Psychometry, Telepathy, PSY Weapon.
    PSY Powers: Slow/Haste, Mind Bar, PSY-Kill, Inter-Planar Barrier.

    Lálei Kardáma's was born on Tékumel to retired Imperial Fleet Admiral Dör Varákka and Sóra Kardáma, one of his concubines. Sóra , a member of the Order of the Verdant Sphere--an exclusive cult of wealthy and powerful sybarists who seek spiritual enlightenment through sexual ecstasy, initially raised her daughter to become a poised and educated courtesan-priestess of the Order. However, Lálei had other plans than a life of just parties and orgies, and using her father's influence (as well some of the physical and psionic arts her mother taught her) was accepted into the Imperial Naval Academy at 16.

    In the academy, Cadet Lálei was schooled in starship mastery and command. Eventually, her psychic abilities came to her instructor's attention and entered into the prestigious School of Special Intelligence were she honed her talents. Upon graduation, Lálei quickly rose through the ranks of the male-dominated Navy through a skillful application of merit and seduction (she had the unofficially-coveted role of "Captain's Woman" on two of her deployments). The Deeds of Glory is her first independent command and she is excited at the prospect for further adventure and advancement.

    Lálei is a quiet but ambitious woman who uses her intelligence and sexuality as both a tool and a weapon. She is a fair leader, but is merciless when crossed. Physically, she is small but shapely frame with a dark complication, deep-brown slanted eyes, and long black hair she keeps tied back while on duty. As a legacy member of the Order of the Verdant Sphere, she has the sect's symbol tattooed just above her vulva and will often request the presence of a comely crew member in her quarters to assist her with her "mediations" where she uses her climax as a springboard to reach new states of consciousness where she briefly communes with... something joyous.

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  19. @Schoolmaster: Looks fine except Tékumel as homeworld is problematic, as in the game timeline it was "discovered" only about 10 years ago and is still an alien warzone rather than a retirement world.

    I suggest a possibility; Lálei Kardáma could be a contra-temporal, rarely inter-dimensional drive malfunctions result in travel to an earlier point in time, in this case, at least 150 years before her birth. Her father could be alive as humans can live for hundreds of years...

    Alternately, she could be a native of one of the ancient, wealthy, and highly traditional systems of this period such as 70 Opiuchi, 40 Eridani, Spsilon Eridani, or Sirius.

    @All: as for gear, assume the ship's locker will have any standard arms and equipment needed. I'm working on the inventory but for now know that everyone has a navy skinsuit, a space suit, small arms of choice, etc. If a character has PSY sword power assume he or she has the weapon. Marines will have Space Armor available.

    Let me know if you are interested in purchases of unusual items, pets, a slave, etc.

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  21. OK, I wasn't sure of the easily fixed. Let's say she's from Epslion Eridani. I'll work out her equipment later tonight.

  22. Here's my character so far. No name, age or homeworld yet and only a sketchy background - does anyone have any suggestions for a resource for the Páchi Léi?

    I have a query about the meaning of "Group I-III" re PSY scores. Does "No PSY from Group I-III" mean no PSY powers of Levels 1-3? If so, does that mean higher are possible? I get the feeling I'm missing something obvious here.

    Also, I haven't completely advanced the character to Level 2 yet. I'm having trouble with this part of the Astronaut section:

    "Progression to a higher experience level
    permits the Astronaut to add 1d4 (+ PSY Power Success modifier) Level 1 skills or powers with the least advanced skill, or lowest available on the list being mandatorily chosen first."

    I understand the character gets 1D4 skills, and I'm assuming Level 1 means Basic Background Skills or skills chosen in order from the lowest on the Astronaut Skills/Powers list. If so, can I skip Astronaut Skills/Powers the character already has? And can I skip from Basic to Technical when the character has at least one of each Basic, and the same with Technical and Expert? Again, I could be a little out..!

    Name: ???
    Class + Level: Astronaut, Lvl. 2
    Species & Sex: Páchi Léi
    Age: ???
    Homeworld: ???

    STR 6 -1 Hit/Damage / -1 Force Rolls
    DEX 14 -1 AC / +1 Att./Ini. / +1 Save vs. En.
    CON 9
    INT 5 -2 Skill/Power Selection
    PSY 11 No PSY from Group I-III
    CHA 8 +1 Re. Adj. / 3 Ret. / Ret. Mor. 6

    HP: 9

    AC + Armour: 5, skin suit (AC 6)

    Weapons: Z-ray rifle, laser pistol, vibroblade, tangle grenade (1), pulse grenade (1)

    Background skills: animal trainer +2, brawler, builder +1, jack +1, soldier, urbanite

    Class skills: engineer, energy rifle, energy pistol, pilot

    CR + Gear: cold weather clothing, backpack, utility belt, rope (50ft), communicator, lockpick, skin spray, air tablets (1), canteen, survival rations (1)

    I've include weapons and gear, but whatever's available automatically to the crew I can remove later. The original number of CR was 2,200 and total weight is now 44.5lbs.

    Here's what I have of the backstory.

    Idealistic, often naive, but driven, and companionable, conciliatory, even yielding. Aware the species was uplifted and gifted a place among the sentients of the cosmos, aims to live up to the potential. Began work at a young age in construction in a large conurbation, becoming a jack of all trades. Later press-ganged into local military structures, made the best of it, built on skills to become engineer and rose to get off-world, out to meet the makers. Finds, keeps and trains animals of all kinds at every opportunity, wanting to develop them too.

    In common with others of the species, grey-green and pear-shaped, with four arms and four legs, a soft knobbly body covered with protruberances, an almost bestial head with large round eyes. No offspring yet produced, but believes strongly in propagation of the species, for the sake of duty will delay budding for as long as possible.

    On board ship, keen to have every system working at maximum potential, works long hours. When off-duty, care of animals takes first priority. Pets? Onboard vermin readily emerge from dark spaces and tolerate 'training' in return for food.

    If there are any resources available, I'll add more from them, otherwise I'll make it up.

    Another question: pets were mentioned - that makes sense here and the character should have them if possible.

  23. @Schoolmaster: Epsilon Eridani works.

    @Porky: Here are a few sample Páchi Léi names from Tekumél: Diyéno, Ffsá Brûgshmü, G-Gúm-Shóggu, G-teékwe, Mtelghf Blfhom, Nneggáya, Payága, Payáya, Peshkúnu, Teváa, Urugbáya, Vroggá, Wléllu

    There is a bit of info about the species here.

    @Porky and important for all:"No PSY powers from Group I-III" Good catch! Thanks, I will need to correct that in the final. It's an artifact from converting from 1975 EPT. It should read unable to use PSY powers from Levels 4-6.

    The additional skill mechanics are a bit confusing so I will try to clarify:

    At 2nd and each additional level: Gain 1d4 Astronaut skills/powers from the list automatically. Background skills are not available (unless allowed by the Referee as a substitute) only powers and skills from the table. Begin with the least advanced skill or power on the list below your most advanced skill or power. You may pick up any less advanced skills you have missed but it is not required. When the list is exhausted you may add additional skill levels or learn/create other Lev 1 powers or skills not on the list with Referee approval.

    You must roll on the skill/power success table to gain the 1d4 powers above Level 1. It seems that this was understood.

    Make up a pet if you like and I will check it out.

  24. @ The Drune - Thanks for the names, I'll pick one that sounds cool. I found that page on the species, but wasn't sure whether it counted. The site has more material too, here:

    What are your thoughts on those ideas?

    Sadly, I think my intelligence is at the level of my character, i.e. 5. A couple more questions.

    First, I'm still not entirely sure about "Begin with the least advanced skill or power on the list below your most advanced skill or power. You may pick up any less advanced skills you have missed but it is not required." Does this mean I should start at the beginning of the list, or anywhere below the most advanced?

    Linked with this is something re Background Skills, in the second paragraph of the section 'Learning Background Skills'. It doesn't say it's at the discretion of the Referee, but your comment suggests it is. I haven't used it of course.

    As for a pet, how about the flying creature I put together for the 'blog your own adventure' project? It's probably bird of prey-sized, winged, scaly and has eyestalks and two pairs of tentacles, one pair up beneath the wings, and it can discharge electric shocks from at least one pair if provoked. Could be quite useful... If a little too useful, how about a kind of centipedal tribble? If that sounds good instead of the winged, and seems to need more, or if you'd like something different, I could even roll say D3 times on the DM Muse Small Creatures table for extra features. I can stat anything up if you think stats are needed and post it for changes.

    Here's the DM Muse table:

    Here are the three instalments of the adventure featuring the winged creature, in order:

  25. @Drune Just so I understand, the first six are the Level 1 skills, correct?

  26. Ok, I think I've figured out the skill levels. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    The first six skills, plus the PSY powers listed as level 1, are all level 1 skills/powers. The first rule covers these (1d4 per level). It appears from the comments above that one is not required to take all the skills. Skipping is allowed. Does that mean I can pick and choose once I get above my highest skill from character creation?

    To get Level 2 or 3 Powers, one needs to roll as per described. And I can choose anything from those levels.

    Is that a correct understanding?

  27. @Drune
    Tau Ceti - Syntrál and Sughu City. These are in the asteroid belt? Are they domed cities? Mine offices? Orbital stations? This would certainly explain why Krutai had the Spacer background skill.

  28. @The Drune - One suggestion would be additional credits as you go up in level, but only if you go up levels without adventuring. Perhaps an additional 3d6 x 200 CR per level?

  29. Sorry for the flurry of comments, but I'm thinking of these as I go along.

    @The Drune - I can't find if you've put the background material into a unified PDF. I can make individual PDFs of each page, but that's rather annoying. Any chance of a PDF of the whole shebang?

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  31. For Gear I'll give Lálei Kardáma the following: Psy Sword. Z-Ray pistol. Skin Suit with MKII Shield Belt. Air Tablets, Utiliity Belt. Communicator, Survival Rations. Translator Orb.

    Could Lálei have her own Yeleth as her personal body/pleasure servant? While the Deeds may have it's own "Health and Joy" model, Lálei knows how important they are to crew morale and wouldn't want to monopolize it for her own personal needs--which are substantial for a woman of her social rank and appetites.

  32. @ All RE: SKILLS, ETC.-I'm going to address all the skill questions in a new post as soon as I check over the rules and figure out what's going on. Sorry if the skill system is a bit broken. I know it needs revision for the final book. I'll also cover questions about starting funds for higher levels and equipment in the post.

    @Porky:The Dushay article on the Páchi Léi was really interesting and I don't remember seeing it before. Thanks for pointing it out and I would be willing to assume it's all good information so feel free to run with it. I will work out a mechanic for the Biyúrh.

    I'm ok with any of the pet options mentioned if you'd be willing to stat it and let me take a look.

    @Brett: Syntrál and Sughu City along with numerous other cities, mining settlements, etc. and most of the population of the Tau Ceti system are in the debris disk surrounding the star. The larger settlements are built into massive asteroids that have been almost completely hollowed out and include heavily shielded domed areas on the outside as all are a bit to close to the star for comfort. As previously mentioned, Tau Ceti 3 has been abandoned for millenia and is interdicted by the Imperial government, planets 1 and 2 are small airless rocky husk worlds that were mined out during the Second Empire. They are nearly uninhabited. The only other major population center is on the ice moon Uzma orbiting Tau Ceti 4 (a Saturn like world). All of the water used in the debris disk cities originates there.

    ...and in the Tau Ceti system provides lots of opportunities for picking up spacer skills.

    There is no pdf collection of background material at this point. Part of the mission of this pbp is to generate more background in play. The planned Book 3 will ultimately contain lots of background, sandbox worlds in varying levels of detail, etc. I will try to put together a background compilation pdf from my notes for posts in the near future.

    @Schoolmaster: That makes sense. They are very expensive so you may need to make payments on it depending on how the starting cash shakes out. I will cover available options in the forthcoming post.

  33. Quick question as I do my background write-up. What's a good homeworld planet for a Nininyal?

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  35. @ckutalik: Their homeworld is Mirach 4 but they are a very ancient culture of star traders and they are pretty widely scattered. They prefer desert worlds and there is a large colony on Canopus 3 involved in the Slan trade.

    Many spend their entire lives on massive Trade Collective ships with names that are unpronounceable to humans. The Alpheratz system is also a good choice and closer to the core of Humanspace than Mirach or Canopus.

  36. Coming later to party - what's left? I think two of the roles I was considering, marine and engineer have been filled. How about Marine 2IC / Roboticist?

  37. @ Capt. Jack : Marine 2IC / Roboticist works.Character would be 3rd level. Medical officer/scientist is also open. Also 3rd level.

  38. OK so here's the background for Lil' Chompy.

    Khompskpsk is the closest transliteration for the formal name of the Niniyal nicknamed “Lil' Chompy” by fans of its series of trashy vid-novellas. Growing up a sheltered and privileged hermaphrodite of a 31st Credit Rank Trade Collective (Vermillion sub-shade) on Alpharetz, he left the comfy confines of the clan burrow in early adulthood after failing spectacularly in the clan business of administering nanosecond financial transactions on the trans-dimensional derivatives market.

    Lil' Chompy has showed extraordinary verve and romanticism for one of its species swinging from career path of derring-do to another (or so his tall tales claim)—fighting moisture bandits on Planet X and rustling Gacháya on the Shen outer rim—before settling on the ultimate adventure: the Humanspace Imperial Navy.

    Some claim that his series of Serganent Rokk Clone vid-novellas such as I Serve the Autocrator and It Came From Marb IV are derivative and stolen straight from the pages of real life characters he knows, but Lil' Chompy keeps his beak tight on such matters.

  39. Marine/Roboticist it is. I am considering making him as an Adventurer to accommodate the military and technology skills. It's implied that Adv. can get Astro/Sci Skills & Powers. An Adv can manifest Astro/Sci Powers through the level up rewards. I can't see how they can pick Astro/Sci Skills.

  40. Name: Krútai Málakal, Executive Officer on Deeds of Glory
    Class: Astronaut/3
    Species/Homeworld: Human male from Tau Ceti
    Age: 26

    STR: 9
    DEX: 16
    CON: 8
    INT: 12
    PSY: 11
    CHA: 7

    Background skills:
    Air Pilot

    Astronaut Skills/Powers:
    Space swordsman
    Energy Pistol
    Pilot +3

    PSY Powers:
    PSY Luck
    Control of Self
    Bio PK-II
    Mind Bar

    Credits: 2610 CR
    Space sword
    X-Ray pistol
    Z-Ray pistol
    Skin suit with Shield Belt Mk II
    Scan goggles
    10 air tablets
    Magnetic clamps
    Utility belt
    Contra-Grav belt
    Perimetric orbs
    Concubine (level I)

    Múruset Málakal was a brilliant administrator on the Tau Ceti system governor's staff, as well being a member of the governor’s prestigious Dhuón Tuptláng Ket. Tlayesha Vriddu was an up-and-coming Imperial Naval officer from one of the great Houses of the empire, the Vriddu. Her career was meteoric, pushed by her whip-smart tactical mind and intense ambition. Múruset was her first husband, the perfect storm of an important political marriage and a love match. They met when Tlayesha was posted to Tau Ceti during a miner’s revolt. Their relationship was instantaneous and passionate. By the time they were married four months later, she was pregnant. Soon, her fleet was reposted to another system.

    When she was five months pregnant with Krútai, as the executive officer of the frigate The Serqu, she led the marine attack on a Hlutrgu corvette. They captured the ship and used it as a decoy to capture several other ships. Her ploy turned the tide in a key part of the Hlutrgu incursions. She then returned to Tau Ceti to be with her husband and deliver her son.

    Her career took her all over the empire and beyond, while Múruset raised the boy. She returned as often as duty allowed. Her successes meant promotions to bigger ships. She also married another husband, her chief medical officer, who moved with her from assignment to assignment.

    Seven years ago, when Krútai was just starting in the Academy, his mother got her commission as Captain of the dreadnought Red Devastation in one of the empire’s elite fleets. She was always in the lead, always taking the fight to the enemy, always first to shoot, first to board. Four years ago in a Mihalli raid, her ship was destroyed by a completely unknown weapon that obliterated half the fleet in an instant, turning the ships and the crew members inside out. Imperial investigators believe that the ship this terrible weapon was deployed on was also destroyed at the same time -- a suicide ship. His father became the governor’s chief of staff a year later.

    From the moment he was born, Krútai moved. His Ket-aunts said he never crawled nor walked, but went straight to running. At the age of five, he stole the keycodes to a mining inspection vehicle, and by ten he was learning to fly small inter-asteroid flitters. His father kept trying to get him interested in business or administration, but Krútai wanted to fly a starship. He got good marks in school, and his father finally acquiesced and let him sign up for the Imperial Naval Academy.

    When his mother died, Krútai’s resolve stiffened and he finished the Academy with honors. With the solid political backing of his father, and the fiery passion and brilliance of his mother, he did extremely well in his assignments, rising through the ranks deftly with impeccable skills and subtle politics. One outcome of this tragedy was that Krutai became hardened and cruel, which distanced him from his crew. They respect and fear him, but few are his friends. His posting to The Deeds of Glory is his first as executive officer.

  41. @Capt. Jack: Interesting observation about the adventurer skills. I think this will be revised in the final and as a quick fix you can substitute astronaut or scientist skills for adventurer skills based on location on the charts...e.g. take roboticist instead of projectile rifle.

  42. @The Drune: I set the cost for my slave concubine at 7000 CR. I rolled a 1 on d2, and assumed a weak level 1 character with 7 HP. Is that reasonable?

  43. I'm sorry guys, given that in nearly a week I couldn't find the time even to make up a character sheet, I think I'm out of the game :(

    But I'll be watching you!

  44. @Brett: That's fine. If you would like to stat the NPC feel free otherwise I will do so when I finish with the crew.

    @Il Male™: Sorry, but I understand. If you change your mind later there will be a spot for you.